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The Day My Life Changed Forever

  It was Saturday, May 23 2009, and a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday. The day was bright and sunny with the promise of summer on the horizon. We were up early bustling around the apartment getting ready to head to a friend's house for a cookout when the phone rang. Fonzy answered it thinking it was my oldest son, Samuel calling to collect for the bet he had won. They had been on the phone the night before betting on the Lakers basketball game and Samuel had won the bet. We figured he was calling to gloat and collect his winnings. I was in the bedroom when Fonzy walked in, phone in hand with a strange look on his face. He handed me the phone and I hesitantly said “hello?” It was my second son, Manuel, on the phone crying. “Mom, Samuel is gone. He was shot and killed” My legs gave out on me and I dropped to the floor screaming! Fonzy rushed to my side and my world went dark.  So much of the day is gone from me. I can recall our minister came by and prayed for us. Prayed

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