November 1, 2021

Goodness! October flew by didn’t it! I feel as if I blinked and it was gone. Autumn always flies by. I’m feeling all the cozy vibes right now with the changing weather, bringing out sweaters I’ve knit, fuzzy socks, comfy pjs and soft blankets. There’s nothing better. The thought of venturing out just doesn’t seem appealing at all. I’d much rather be home. 

The tree in front of our house is vibrant red and orange. It seemed to happen overnight. Yesterday, while sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful autumn day, the wind blew and leaves rained down. Soon all the trees will have spiny, bare branches that will creak as the wind blows. Large cups of coffee have been on repeat, but who am I kidding, coffee is always on repeat for me! I just seem to savor it more when it’s chilly out. 

So what’s on everyone's agenda for November? I’ve been craving cranberries. This time of year I add cranberries to my pumpkin obsession. Aren’t they normally in stores by now? I’ve searched and have yet to find any fresh cranberries. Is there a shortage? I sure hope not! I have a handful of cranberry recipes I must make. Of course there will be knitting, some writing,(letters and personal writings I have started) and maybe a tad bit of sewing. Here’s to a new month, fresh starts and big cups of coffee!