Magic of Ordinary Days - 2

We believe: an ordinary life can be extraordinary, there is beauty in imperfection, and that magic can be found in the everyday. 

~Bella Grace Magazine

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find cooking dinner has become an enjoyable part of my day. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a love/hate relationship with cooking, but lately it’s been more love. 

Logging off work I head to the kitchen. The sun streams in through the back windows, giving a warm glow to the kitchen, shadows dancing across the wall. I tie on an apron, gather all the ingredients I’ll need and get to cooking. I clean the produce and start chopping on my favorite pumpkin cutting board. I have several boards, but always reach for the pumpkin one. I grab the garlic to mince and smile a little thinking just a few short months ago I would use the minced garlic in a jar! Gasp! I know….right! I’ve seen the error of my ways and started to get fresh garlic. It’s so much better. I see Titus peeking around the corner. He’s not allowed in the kitchen so he’ll peek, in hopes I’ll give him a treat. I normally do. All my veggies chopped, I drizzle the cast iron skillet with olive oil, season my meat and get to cooking. Once everything is done, I plate it and if I deem it pretty enough I’ll snap a picture. About that time Fonzy walks in from school/football practice and we enjoy our dinner together.

It’s the simple everyday. The magic in ordinary days.